Money can’t buy you Happiness, but it can buy you time.

Money won’t buy you friends, but it will buy you a home.

Money won’t fight your battles but it will lessen the blow.

Money isn’t what’s important in life, it’s what you do with the money that counts.

What can Money Buy You?

If you’ve ever heard the old addage “money won’t buy you happiness” you were probably talking to someone broke living off a credit card, who paid their last vacation with their amex… 

The truth is, money does buy you happiness, even if it is fleeting happiness.

  • Money also buys you stability and growth
  • It is usually coordinated with clout and connections
  • And in order to earn that money (assuming that is how you got it through earning it) you had to have provided value in excess of what you asked for.

More importantly you have to provide a lot of value to even more people if you wish to have a rich life.

“Find a way to serve the many, because service to many leads to greatness”

– Zig Ziglar –

People who take more than they give ultimately don’t make it. 

People who only take, don’t do well at all. 

You have to be willing to give something of value to others before you can ever ask for something of value in return. 

But the cool thing is, often times, what other people value isn’t what you value. So in a sense, when you figure this out, you can serve other people without having to give up anything you value, except maybe some time. 

But invest the time now to learn skills and build connections of value and you will soon see yourself with more money, more time, and more value to give and grow.

The Problem with a Scarcity Mindset (money is scarce mindset)…it limits your thinking.

  • Most people value money over time.
  • Most people value money over relationships.
  • Most people value money above all else.

But there’s one main problem…

Money isn’t real.

Money is made up.

It’s fictitious. 

In fact, it’s not even worth the paper that it is written on.

If you removed the ink it wouldn’t exist, it would just be 75% cotton 25% linen… in fact, it’s not even paper!

And the sooner you realize that it isn’t real, the sooner you get to stop working for money and the sooner you can buy happiness with it. 

Here’s a short list of the things that money will buy:

  • Time with your family
  • Time with your family on vacation (important)
  • Time to sleep in
  • Time to go travel the world
  • Time to work on projects that matter to you
  • Freedom of location (work and live where you want)
  • Better health care options
  • Better school and education options
  • Better housing options
  • Personal choice of what you wish to drive (and yes, choosing not to drive anything is a choice)

But the big difference between having and not having money is the CHOICE to do these things. 

See, without money, you don’t have much choice. With it, you have the choice to do what you wish with it. 

Bill gates, along with 137 other members, are pledging to give away most of their money to charity.

This is what you get to do when you have money.

When you don’t have money, you don’t get to choose. And when something is scarce that is the last thing you chose to give up.

People without money feel the need to cling to it for fear of losing it. 

Humans have this funny thing built in the back of our brains that makes us store items for a long winter, or for a period of scarcity. It’s in our DNA.

Unfortunately, you can’t lose what you never had.

News flash! It’s not really there. 

So what can you do to “get” more money and preferably more time?

  1. Learn to save the money you do have…
  2. Invest the money that you have leftover
  3. And provide more value to the world than you ask for.

So get started today, build your budget and get out of debt so you can learn to invest your money to give you back your happiness.

check out the basics of budgeting get started with building your freedom today.

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