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This is a section for all the resources that I’ve come across in my time in online business and marketing. Many of these books and audio programs are worth thousands of dollars to the right individuals, and for some, not worth the paper they are written on (or not for that matter if they are e-books).

These books and audio programs have helped me shape my philosophy on wealth, time freedom, money management, business, and relationships.

If you are looking to further develop as a leader, a family member, a friend, a business person, an investor, or a person in general then I highly suggest you read any, if not all, of these books and listen to all the programs. You don’t have to do it over night, but these are here for you to learn and grow with. Enjoy.

Investing Resouces

Audio Programs and Books

Smart Travelers Insurance

Other Resources: is a great way to save money on gift cards, which you can use to fund your business purchases, or you can use to simply get a discount on future purchases. I also have used raise to sell over $200 in gift cards that I didn’t have a need for when I was paying off my $33,555 in debt. You can get a FREE $5 gift card when you signup and get a gift card within the first 30 days. Use it for business or as a gift for a friend, I don’t care what you use it for but it’s yours 🙂